All on Four Los Angeles

Missing a set of teeth in your mouth can affect your day to day operations including eating, talking and even smiling freely. It can be traumatizing. The traditional methods would offer you the chance to have your oral structure restored and have your set intact once more.


There seemed to be downsides to the protocol, and so came the of All on Four Los Angeles implantology, where you get your rehabilitation not only done in one day but also in a considerably cheaper rate than it would have been the case for the traditional protocol.
If you need a complete rehabilitation of both the upper and lower jaw arch, then you will only have to undergo eight surgical operations, as opposed to the exact number of teeth missing. The implants are well integrated with the jaw bone making them durable, and function like the original teeth. In this article, you will learn about the protocol involved in All on Four implantations. They are categorized into groups.
Diagnostic Stage
In the instance that you have lost teeth or have a recommendation from your dentist to get an All on Four implantation, you will have to undergo some checks to ensure that you are suitable for the procedure. To determine this, the dentist will use various technologies including CT scanning and 3D imaging among others. Being the first stage for the All on Four Los Angeles, a detailed clinical examination will be necessary. Also, your teeth impression will be required for the modeling in the lab.
Surgical stage
This can be considered the main thing as far as this procedure is concerned. Here, extraction, bone contouring, and bone grafting will be done if necessary. Also, insertions of the required number of dental implants into the lower and upper jaws will be done after the determining the number of missing teeth. You will have the substitute teeth placed on the same day thanks to All on Four Los Angeles.
It would take you about 48 or 72 hours to get back to your normal operations with fixed appointments for checkups. You should purpose to attend every scheduled visit to ensure that everything is running smoothly. The instructions may also include that you follow a specified diet to speed things up for your teeth recovery.
Restorative Stage
After allowing time for the implants to integrate with the jawbone, which should take about 16 weeks, the restorative phase will kick in. The idea here is to ensure that everything is okay regarding looks, feel and functionality. It is to consider all the visits that your dentist will schedule. The mistake many people do is to avoid this stage thinking that they are good to go, yet it may be the reason for future unexplained mishaps that may arise with the implants.
All on 4 Los Angeles is a reliable procedure if done properly and following the protocol to the latter. Dental visits will be crucial if you have any concerns.