Consider the Breast Cancer Symptoms Making Your Breast Self-Check

One of the greatest miseries of the time we live in is considered to be cancer. The statistics shows that after the heart diseases, cancer is the most spread cause of deaths in the United States. That is why, in this article we would like to discuss breast cancer, which occupies the second place after lung cancer due to its prevalence rate.

What is breast cancer? Actually it could be explained as a genetic disorder or abnormal changes that happen in the cells of the lobules or the ducts, or less often in the stromal tissues. These mutated cells are constantly producing the new cells, just like them, which cause the appearance of tumor. During the course of time, the cancer cells spread to the healthy breast tissue and destroy the normal functioning of the organ as well as the whole body.

The stages of cancer are determined in accordance with the level of change of normal breast tissue functioning ability. Thus, there are 3 grades of cancer. The changes that could be observed in Grade I are not very significant and dangerous, while during Grade III cancer destroys the normal functioning of breast tissue at all. That is why it is of great importance to detect cancer as early, as possible, i.e. on the Grade I.

Actually there are two types of breast cancer: non-invasive and invasive. The non-invasive cancer means that this cancer does not metastasize and will not spread to other organs.  In this case the most appropriate way for treatment is mastectomy or, in other words, breast cancer surgery, which is followed by the easy and quick recovery period. On the contrary, the invasive cancer is especially dangerous, as it can spread to other organs through the blood and lymph vessels. Both types of breast cancer appear in the ducts or lobes of the breast, but there are also cases, when the cancer of the other organs invades the breast area as well.

What are the main breast cancer symptoms? The most spread symptom that could be determined by self-exams is the appearance of thickness or lump in your breast, or perhaps in the area of armpits. The other reason for worrying is the inverted state of nipple and change in size or color of your breast. It is very alarming when you see clear or bloody discharge from a nipple, since this could be certainly a symptom of breast cancer.

Fortunately, nowadays we have a breast cancer foundation, known as Pink is Powerful, which functions to take all possible measures, directed to raise the breast cancer awareness and motivate people to produce a regular breast check by a doctor. The team of Pink is Power proves how it is important to be conscious regarding our health, which requires the monthly examination of breast, including mammogram, and the breast self-check, which will be very helpful to detect the disease in incipient stage, since there is more chance to cure it and stay alive.